“We’re focused on building the world’s largest and most trusted career community that helps people make more informed job decisions.”
Founder and CEO, Founder and SVP & Chief Marketing Officer of Glassdoor
"At NVIDIA, we’ve never stopped being a startup. The same spirit, agility and aspirations we started with 20 years remain at the core of who we are today."
Founder and CEO of NVIDIA
“Don’t accept the status quo. Imagine a radically better solution, believe in its inevitability, and then take each hill along the way until you get there.”
Founder and CEO of Platfora
“We share a mission to develop innovative drugs to improve the outcomes of patients at risk for thrombotic diseases like MI, stroke and pulmonary embolism.”
Co-Founders of Portola Pharmaceuticals
“There is no substitute for demanding customers when aiming to create a perfect product.”
Founder and Chief Architect, Founder and CTO of Pure Storage
“A great startup is built on a culture that creates a familial environment that fosters continued innovation, collaboration and an indomitable spirit.”
Founder & President and CEO of Ruckus Wireless
“The future of cloud-based infrastructure, application and security management is being built today.”
Founder and CTO, Founder and Vice President of Engineering of Sumo Logic Software
“Do not get distracted by multiple priorities – understand your unique advantage and focus on it exclusively.”
Chief Scientific Officer of Verinata Health, Inc.
"Our goal is to get perfect location information into every hand."
Founder and CEO of Yext

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